Reframing Neglect

 Through the support of the Reaching the Last Mile Fund, the END Fund commission renowned Ethiopian photographer, contemporary artist and activists, Aïda Muluneh to create Reframing Neglect, a photo series that uses a both documentary and fine art photographry to highlight the dire need to end neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Aïda Muluneh has captured the international art world through visual storytelling that intersects with, and elevates advocacy. In breathtakingly bold colors, she dissects social issues and challenges western representations of Africa. 


The full series includes 42 photos by photographers from seven african countries; through fine art and documentary photography, the artists highlight the weight of NTDs on individuals and communities, using art as a tool of shared human emotion while addressing the need to spread awareness of neglected diseases. 


Featured Artists:


All works have been priced in accordance to independent valuation by Aïda Muluneh Studios, and all proceeds are charitable contributions to the END Fund.  Please enquire if you wish to make a purchase or if you would like more information.